Monday, 28 May 2012

If You Want To Get Ahead, Get A Hat

They used to say, "If you want to get ahead, get a hat" and a hat was definately needed at the "Art in the Park" event at Coronation Gardens in West Kirby on a scorching Sunday in May. Three of our club members set out their stalls to try and sell their own work and to network with the local public at the same time.

Barry Quatermass and George Evans shared a table to cut their losses and although Barry had more admirers of his bicycle than his photos he did manage to make a sale. While some of George's photos were recognised from the West Kirby Exhibitions by some visitors, they still weren't keen to part with their money.

Barry and George take a break
On the other hand Ian Chantler, a veteran of the "Art in the Park" event was being coy about how well he did on the day but the smile he had on his face most of the day suggested that he'd chosen the right hat.
Ian Chantler hanging his images out to dry
Barry and George tried every tactic in their sales repertoire from leaving the stall for visitors to browse, to standing behind the stall looking arty to get the buyers in but I think the hat you wore made a difference in the end. Are you listening Alan Sugar?

Hoylake Photographic Society business cards were taken by visitors to the stall during the day with two expressions of interest in joining the club when it starts up again in September so the event proved a useful way of talking to local photographers and publicising the club.

The remaining "Art in the Park" craft fairs taking place at Coronation Gardens through the Summer will be held on 17th June, 15th July, 19th August, 16th September.

Saturday, 26 May 2012

Art In The Park

"Art in the Park" is a monthly event taking place throughout the Summer months at Coronation Gardens in West Kirby, Wirral. Local "Arts and Crafts" are sold at the event and three Hoylake Photographic Society members, George Evans, Barry Quatermass and Ian Chantler will be there with tables selling prints of the own unique work.

With a traditional fairground in the gardens for the day and the Wirral Coastal walkers route passing the gardens, there promises to be a bumper crowd for the event on a sunny day at the seaside.

If you're interested in seeing what George, Barry and Ian are selling then why not pop along and say hello. If you're interested in Hoylake Photographic Society and what the club can offer you as a local photographer then these guys are the people to talk to.

More information about the day can be found through the Friends of Coronation Gardens website.

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Advanced Photographer Magazine - Featured Club

I'm proud to announce that Hoylake Photographic Society are the featured club in June's edition of Advanced Photographer magazine. Editor Will Cheung contacted the club via e-mail and asked if HPS could supply ten images and a club bio for the magazine and the result is a double page spread in the June edition which is in the shops now.

Out of the images that were supplied along with the club bio, five photographs were chosen for the article. Congratulations go to Ian Chantler, John Sixsmith, Anne Gilchrist, Brian Magor and George Evans whose photographs are featured with George Evans providing the words for the article.

A huge bonus of the article is the publicity that the Hoylake International Exhibition 2012 has gained from this national magazine and which we hope will result in an increased entry and much needed funds towards the running of the club.

If you haven't yet entered the Hoylake International Exhibition 2012, the submission criteria and online entry form can be found on the Hoylake Photographic Society website.

Monday, 14 May 2012

LCPU Annual Competition

Hoylake Photographic Society members entered the Lancashire and Cheshire Photographic Unions (LCPU) Annual Competition and came second in the Nature projected digital image section won by Wigan 10. Only six club members entered the annual competition.

Well done to Rob Devenish who had two images scoring 14 each, John Sixsmith with an image scoring 14 and Carol Tipping with an image scoring 13.

Thursday, 10 May 2012

Chester Jubilee Giants

Chester celebrates the Queens Jubilee year with an event on 4th June, and the "Jubilee Giants" with a host of other attractions will be taking place throughout the day. Sixty giant models depicting the 60 years of Queen Elizabeth's reign will be paraded around the streets of Chester in a once in a lifetime spectacle.
The free event will be taking place from 11am till 3.30pm with a carnival procession, bands, singers, dancers, street entertainers and the awesome giants. To find out more visit
Hoylake Photographic Society members have been invited to photograph the giants with the possibility of back stage access.

Photo, Optic and Astro Show

Now that the Hoylake Photographic Society club season has ended members may be looking for something to do or somewhere to go this Summer and I've been sent a link to the Photo, Optic and Astro Show that's taking place at Cambrian Photography in Colwyn Bay on Wednesday 23rd May 2012.

Cambrian Photography sells a wide range of high end new and used photographic equipment and the  photo show besides featuring a lot of the big name manufacturers, will have some interesting tutorials and print assessment sessions. One is being given by Margaret Salisbury.

If you want more information about the Photo, Optic and Astro Show then please visit the Cambrian Photography website.

Sunday, 6 May 2012

Wirral Way Exhibition

Monday 7th May marks the 50th anniversary of the last train to run on the West Kirby to Hooton line and the creation of the Wirral Way and the anniversary is being marked with a photographic exhibition at the Wirral Country Park visitor center at Thurstaston.
Only part of the Wirral Way 50th anniversary Exhibition
Members of Hoylake Photographic Society have been busy during 2012, working in partnership with the Wirral Ranger Service to record the Wirral Way today, it's flora and wildlife and how the residents of Wirral are using this log distance path for recreation. That work has now been completed and the photographic record is now on display alongside historic 50 year old photographs of the railway line in use.

Visitors really need to see the exhibition and the photographs old and new to realise just how much the Wirral Way has changed in the 50 years since its creation. Besides a static display comprising of scores of photographs there is also a rolling slideshow of photographs on a large screen.

Thanks must go to the members of Hoylake Photographic Society for their 2012 photographs of the Wirral Way, and to the sub committee of John and Margaret Sixsmith, George Evans and Barry Quatermass for organising the exhibition in partnership with the Wirral Ranger Service. Thanks also to Anne Gilchrist, Mike Griffiths, Ian Chantler and Neil Carver who supplied additional images.

The exhibition will be open to the public at theWirral Country Park visitor center at Thurstaston for three weeks starting on Monday7th May.

Annual Print Competition Results

On Friday 4th May, Hoylake Photographic Society held their end of season AGM and the presentation of the awards for their Annual Print competition which was judged by
Diane Owen, FRPS. 
Diane Owen, FRPS
With over 160 prints in several print categories to judge, Diane's experienced eye picked out the prints from the Advanced and Intermediate / Novice members which merited awards and the winning prints were put on display for club members to view prior to holding the AGM.

Meanwhile Noel George and Neil Carver were in deep discussion ahead of the AGM.
Noel and Neil discuss the AGM
And so were Committee members Diana and Brian Magor and Barry Quatermass 
Diana Magor, Brian Magor and Barry Quatermass
With club members still to arrive there was time to take a look at the winning prints and talk photography with John Sixsmith, Graham Wyborn, Peter Larkin and Ian Chantler.

With everyone now assembled for the evening it was time for club President Mike Waring to kick off the evening by announcing the results of the annual print competition with the awarding of certificates.

  Noel George, Diana Magor, Graham Wyborn and Mike Waring himself were awarded certificates with their competition results amongst many other members too numerous to mention.

Grahan Wyborn

Diana Magor gives Mike Waring his results
  With the competition results over it was down to the serious business of the club AGM and Mike's address to the club in which he thanked the Committee members for their hard work over the past year and outlined the club's achievements which were many.

The night finished with the awarding of the trophies for the winning prints in the competitions many categories to the Advanced and Intermediate / Novice entrants.

Some of the members were successful in a number of categories and recieved several cups and shields, so here are the best photographs of them recieving their cups and trophies from club President Mike Waring. In no particular order is......
Noel George
Cynthia Sadler

Brian Magor

George Evans

Margaret Sixsmith

John Sixsmith

Carol Tipping

Ian Chantler

Anne Gilchrist
And to finish off the night Rob Devenish revieved an award from the Photographic Society of America (PSA)
Rob Devenish
It was a fitting end to the formal season for members of Hoylake Photographic Society but the work isn't over with the organisation and judging of our inaugural Hoylake International Exhibition 2012 and our work throughout the Summer recording the "Year of Countryside and Coast" for Wirral Borough Council.

With social meetings planned for the Irby Mill pub during the Summer, it won't be long before the new season starts again in mid September.

Tuesday, 1 May 2012

AGM and Annual Awards

Friday 4th May marks the end of season for club members of Hoylake Photographic Society and they finish with their AGM and the awards for the Annual Print and Annual Projected Images competitions.

Although the club officially closes for the Summer months with a new season starting again in September, there are events in the "Countryside & Coast" calendar which will enable club members to meet up and use their cameras.

The blog will continue throughout the Summer reporting on any important news for members and blog posts will be publicised using Twitter so please stay tuned. There is one exciting development coming for the club which will be announced on the blog when it's confirmed.

If you're interested in photography and wish to get involved in club photography to either improve your skill and knowledge or just to socialise with people with the same passion then take a look at the Hoylake Photographic Society website. The club will be open to new members when we restart in September and you'll be made most welcome. Club meetings are held at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby from 7.30 pm - 10 pm.