Friday, 25 October 2013

Member Profile: Barry Quatermass

My first memory of my Dad being pleased with me was after I got some good results, as an 8 year old with his 35mm Voitlander, he being an engineer had to work everything out whereas I followed the simple guidelines offered with the Kodak Film, it was enough for him to give me the camera and it started me on the path that brings me to this blog. 

For some time after that I took small photographs in small numbers (it was expensive to buy film and have them printed at the local chemist). As I recall we would go on frequent camping weekends which provided plenty of opportunity to capture my mum dad and brother sitting outside the tent or on the beaches of Devon and Cornwall. When I had my own family they too were photographed along with all the places we visited and our shelves became crammed with Photo Albums full of 6" x 4" prints each documenting an family holiday or special occasion. I also remember the excitement of hearing that Bonus Print were introducing a whopping 7" x 5" print.

It was not until comparatively recently that I joined Hoylake Photographic Society that I learned about the art of going out with the express purpose of capturing an image, indeed sometimes to capture a very specific scene. Thus began a new chapter in my 'Photographic Career'. With help and guidance from numerous and very generous* HPS members, I learned about the benefits of printing your own, of mounting, using good equipment and software and of course of thouroughly researching your subject and the weather and light. 

New Brighton Lighthouse - Wirral
Some time back in the 70s I chose a Canon and from then on its being Canon equipment all the way, although one of the things that has pleased me most about HPS Membership is about how little conversation there is about equipment.

When asked what images I most prefer to capture I say without hesitation Landscapes but I do have to admit to being quite competitive and so I also like very much capturing images that suit the 'next competition'.

I recently applied for and was awarded CPAGB, a nerve racking but most rewarding experience and I do enjoy knowing that an august panel of judges  scored my 10 images sufficiently highly to gain the award.

If it was my Dad that got me started then I have to say its my wife Alison who keeps me motivated, her constant support and encouragement is invaluable and her critique and encomium are invaluable to me. 

I enjoy being a member of the Photographic Society of America, a most friendly and helpful and supportive organisation. I have enough Acceptance in PSA sponsored competitions to earn places on their Star Rating System and one day I will get round to applying for them, but in the meantime there is a landscape out there with my name on it waiting for me to capture it. I have an urge to go and find it.