Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Member Profile: Neil Carver

My first interest in photography was in my teens when a newspaper I worked for had a darkroom with all the gear for use by the company’s photographic club.

Later, apart from family shots, all my photographs were black and white, home processed, enlarged and printed in various darkrooms built in lofts and spare bedrooms. This phase continued for many years until the advent of the digital camera which offered cheaper and easier photography  and the logical move to colour. All my film developing tanks, enlargers, chemical trays and their associated smelly chemicals were sold to a keen student of photography for 5% of their original price and I moved to inkjet prints via an Epson A3+ printer.

I have been a member of photographic clubs for as long as I can remember. My early black and white days were with Birkenhead Photographic Association before joining Hoylake Photographic Society when they used to meet upstairs in the Hoylake Conservative Club where the Society had a darkroom for its members.

Photography has had to take its place alongside my other activities over the years and as such has not received the dedication afforded to photography by most of the Club’s membership. My sporting pedigree as a competitor has included motor cycle off road trials and motocross, cricket and golf, although now only the latter receives my attention. 

As a result my photographs tend to be of a sporting nature. Being a Vice President of the Wirral 100 motor club who organise motor cycle road race meetings at Oulton Park and Anglesey, allows me to have good trackside vantage points.

Some years ago, after complaining about something, I was immediately brought onto the Committee and later highjacked to become the Hon Treasurer. My working alongside the rest of the dedicated Committee, has enabled me to see the rapid development of the Club. 

A small enthusiasts club has now become a more professional organisation, with state of the art digital equipment, the running of an acclaimed annual international competition and still enjoying the tremendous enthusiasm of its members.