Saturday, 19 December 2015

Annual Audio Visual Competition

On Friday 18th December 2015, Hoylake Photographic Society hosted its annual "Audio / Visual Competition and Social Evening" with club members invited to enter their presentations of foreign trips or themes set to music and commentary and there were ten entries with photographs taken from as far afield as California, Hawaii, Myanmar and the North West of England.

Club President - Barry Quatermass
The evening started with club President - Barry Quatermass welcoming our members and explaining the concept of the evening and the scoring method which was done anonymously by those in attendance scoring between 1 - 5 after the screening of each video. The video with the combined highest score was the winner of the competition.
Brian Magor ready to roll
With the opening formalities out of the way, Brian Magor ran the videos while our club members were entertained with such titles as, California, Hawaii, Lime Kilns, Nature's Patterns, Simply Red, Spring Watch, Surfing USA, The 7p Yangon Myanmar Train Ride, Three Queens and Ugly Bug or Beautiful Bug?

With the viewing of the videos over and the individual scores made by our club members it was time to gather the scores together to find out the top three Audio / Visual presentations with Diana and Brian Magor doing the adjudication.

Diana and Brian Magor collating the members scores 
In the meantime the buffet was officially opened and it was time to eat, drink and talk photography during the half time break.

Mike Waring, Barbara Singleton, Gill Lewis and Brian Lewis
Ian Chantler and Les Pickstock deep in thought
With the scores in and the buffet table emptied it was time for our members to return to their chairs and receive the results of the Annual "Audio / Visual Competition"

In third place was "Simply Red", a beautifully put together video of photographs of the Red Arrows display team set to music by Ian Chantler. The subject is Ian's speciality and it showed.

Screen shot - Simply Red by Ian Chantler
In second place was "Lime Kilns", a thoughtful documentary combining photographs, graphics and music explaining the history or lime kilns in the North-West of England by Anthony Clarke. Anthony added his own commentary to the video and was last year's winner.

Screen shot - Lime Kilns by Anthony Clarke
And the winner of this years competition was "Ugly Bug or Beautiful Bug?" a video of quality macro photography of bugs including text as a commentary and set to the song "The Ugly Bugs Ball" by Diana Magor. Well done Diana.

Screen shot - Ugly Bug or Beautiful Bug? by Diana Magor
It was a fitting end to 2015 and with Christmas cards swapped and salutations exchanged the club is now closed for the holiday season with our next meeting on Friday 9th January when we'll be looking at photographs from the London Salon. May I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year on behalf of Hoylake Photographic Society.

Sunday, 6 December 2015

Nature Competition Results

On Friday 4th December, Ron Thomas ARPS judged our "Nature" competition. Ron is a local wildlife specialist and well qualified to judge the competition. The monthly competition comprises of "Print" and "Digital Projected Images" sections with the "Print" section split into "Novice / Intermediate" and "Advanced" sections. There is no "Mono" print category, only colour in this competition. The "Digital Projected Images" section is competed for by all members together regardless of their skill and experience.

Our club President Barry Quatermass commenting on the night wrote, "I would like to say that the entry last night was one of the strongest I can ever recall in a HPS Comp. There was not a single weak entry and Ron Thomas, the judge, was openly in awe of the work he had to comment upon. Even the Novice/Intermediate entry could easily have stood up against the Advanced section. Whilst the main prizes were, deservedly, awarded once again to the Sixsmiths, the fact that they got so few images into the final places gives a clue as to the standard of entry - Absolutely fantastic stuff.

Print Section

In the "Novice / Intermediate" colour print section there were four awards. Cynthia Sadler came first with "Amur Tiger", John Gardner came second with "Barbary Macaques", Phil Sadler came third with "Stag During Rutting Season" and Lynette Ryan gained a highly commended with "Summer Scent"

The "Advanced" print section saw a large entry of 35 prints with John Sixsmith taking first place with "Elephant Hawk Moth on Campion", Paul Anderson gained second place with "Proboscis Monkey", Margaret Sixsmith was third with "Glistening Ink Cap"

Digital Projected Images Section

This section is competed for by all members regardless of their skill and experience and again our "Novice / Intermediate" members were well amongst the awards. From an entry of 55 images, first place went to Margaret Sixsmith with "Emperor Dragonfly", Carol Tipping gained second place with "Black Tailed Godwits" and Paul Higgins was third with "Mischievous Mandril". Well done Paul.

1st "Emperor Dragonfly" by Margaret Sixsmith
2nd "Black Tailed Godwits" by Carol Tipping
3rd "Mischievous Mandril" by Paul Higgins
Congratulations to all members (too many to mention) who gained other awards and commiserations to those members who weren't successful this time. There's always the Annual Competition at the end of the season for a second bite of the cherry.

Our next meeting is on Friday 11th December when we'll be viewing the L&CPU Folio. You don't have to be a member to attend our meetings as non members are welcome paying £2 on the door. We meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish.

Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cyclo Cross, Stadt Moers Country Park, Whiston

 Cyclo Cross Stadt Moers Country Park, Whiston 
By John Sixsmith, Barry Quatermass & Robert Devenish

Having had inspiration from Roger Evans’s “Talk Sports” lecture recently, we planned a trip to photograph a cycle cross event.

We did the research, checked the weather forecast and found the correct location (even with Barry)

The weather forecast was a cloudy morning with bright sunshine in the afternoon, ---- brilliant, as we were going in the afternoon.  We arrived around 11am to familiarise ourselves with the course & pick out some vantage points, (hopefully were riders were going to fall off) . As usual the weather forecast was incorrect, dark heavy clouds built up around 12 ; 30 just in time for the first event to start.  

During the afternoon, I think we all tried panning with varying degrees of success, its a technique that requires lots of practice.

The race began a little later than advertised and we had to resort to pushing up the ISO’s and using flash .  Later on in the afternoon the sun did eventually show, which caused another problem in that the low angle of the sun gave strong side lighting, ---- another job for the flash gun.

Even though the conditions were challenging, we thoroughly enjoyed our day out, and plan to try another in the near future — why not join us!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Reflections of Blencathra Reviewed

Last Friday (the 20th November) Hoylake held a 'Reflections on Blencathra' review night, to show some images, especially to those who could not attend, and hold the fun competitions we did not get round to whilst up in the Lake District. There were 4 'mini-competitions':

Best Nature: won by Margaret Sixsmith
Best Landscape: won by Rob Devenish
Best Image with a Cheap Camera: Won by Barry Quatermass (just to add to the fun... taken BY George Evans, with Barry's phone!)
Gill Lewis got a 'chocolate spoon' as all the judges thought she'd used an expensive camera!
Best Starry Sky Group: won also by Rob Devenish

Hygrocybe Species by Margaret Sixsmith
Crummock Water by Rob Devenish
Sub 500 Camera by Barry Quatemass (George Evans)
Cheap Camera - Middle of the Falls by Gill Lewis
The Stars Are On Our Heads Stupid by Rob Devenish
The competitions were followed by presentations by Judith and Anthony which emphasised what a good, fun time we all had and how remarkably lucky we were with the weather. After the break we enjoyed looking at over 100 images taken by all attendees, demonstrating how good FSC Blencathra location and accommodation was as well as the wonderfully dramatic countryside within 20 miles of it.

All the club members who went thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to next May's weekend in Yorkshire at FSC Malham.

If any of the photographs have inspired you to come along to Hoylake Photographic Society then our next meeting on Friday 27th November is the Inter Mersey Competition with John Doherty, APAGB ARPS. We meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby from 7.30 pm to 10 pm.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Man-made Competition Results

On Friday 6th November 2015 club members witnessed the judging of our latest monthly photographic competition which for November was "Man-made". The judging was done by our guest Steve Carr and the quality of entries was extremely high.

I'm unable to give you the full results from the Print and Digital Projected Images sections, but here are the top three digital images in the competition.
1st Place - Old Tool - for what? by Carol Tipping
2nd Place - Shepherds Crook Detail by Margaret Sixsmith
3rd Place -Tower Cranes by Paul Boardman
Congratulations to Carol Tipping on her return to club photography and a special mention for Marie Dempsey who gained two awards out her entry of three digital images. Marie is in her first season with the club.

Saturday, 24 October 2015

Saddleworth Rushcart Re-enactment

Saddleworth Morris Men  or A (not so grand) day out. or An 80 mile round trip to take photographs on your doorstep)
By Barry Quatermass, John Sixsmith and Robert Devenish

I (BQ) heard about the Saddleworth Rushcart event from a friend at work. It sounded brilliant and a check on the website confirmed this was a good place to get people shots. For those who don’t know, the event is a long held tradition of the Saddleworth Morris men who, over the course of a weekend hand haul a huge cart full to overflowing with straw bales up a hill and down the other side. Stopping for merriment at various hostelries along the way. The event promised much, such as a Gurning Competition, Worst Singer Competition and dancing and merriment outside the pub, all of which sounded brilliant for providing photographic opportunities.

Saddleworth Morris Men, so the website informed me, 'are a group of traditional folk dancers from the north of England.Saddleworth is a valley in the Pennine hills between Manchester and Leeds, and each of the six villages in the valley has its own unique dance. Like other Morris dances from the north-west of England, they are performed in Lancashire Clogs, shoes with leather uppers, wooden soles and shod with iron. Saddleworth Morris men are easily identified. Primarily because of the unique pattern and design of the waistcoat material ...' 

John and Robert agreed (unwisely as it happens) to join me and I volunteered to drive - ‘What could possibly go wrong’?

We set of, on a Sunday morning, I knew pretty much where Saddleworth was so didn’t need exact directions, I thought the Sat Nav would finesse the last part of the journey for me once we were well round the M60 – and that’s where things started to go awry. The Sat Nav was not recognising Saddleworth – no matter how we spelt it we were being told “Do not recognise” We were desperately searching on our iPhone for clues and it was some time before we realised that the SatNav was correct there is no village of Saddleworth the event was taking place in Uppermill.

This was mentioned on the Rushcart Website but unless you knew it was a Village you would be forgiven for thinking it was a mill in Saddleworth (that’s my excuse anyway). Our problems didn’t end there.

We got to Uppermill, its a small but pretty village with quite a few day trippers around (but no sign of any morris men) by now the sun had come out and it was a glorious day all we had to do was find one of the hostelries or the church where all the action was taking place – We asked several people and drew a blank then at a Café – The owner said yes (hooray) "the festivities take back over the back” he gestured to the back of his café. “By the church St Chads he said”  - We had a cup of tea and checked in with Google again – Yes it confirmed that there was a street just behind his café and it was called Church St – So off we went we found Church St and we found the St Chads Church all locked up and everything quiet. No sign off any Gurning Competition, No Worst Singer Competition and no sign of a 20ft pile of straw on a Rushcart.  We pondered, cogitated and thought some more then walked back into Uppermill. Eventually we gave up and set of for home without a shutter being pressed.

We set off for home me driving (and embarrassed) John silent and Robert, ever the optimist, searching on google for a Plan B and he found something – There was a Second World War re-enactment happening that very day, all we had to do to get there was head home (it was at Ellesmere Port) - if we hurried we might get there for the last hour (we did and we did).
Rob's Interrogation
Robert had saved the day OK it was gloomy and starting to rain by the time we arrived but we had set of to take photographs and we got the chance to do exactly that.

There were all sorts of WW11 Aircraft, a 40s girl singing group, and any number of people dressed as military personnel from various WW11 armies.

What we now know;

If you go to the road behind the café in Uppermill you will see its called Church road and you will see St Chads Church, if you continue on Church Rd out of the village, up the hill for a good mile further, you come to another Church called, also St Chads. - That’s where you go if you want to see the Rushcart Event (and at least we now know for next year!!!!)

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Open Competition Results

On Friday 9th October, Hoylake Photographic Society first monthly club competition, which was an "Open" competition was judged by our guest Sandy Pownall LRPS. Sandy gave a positive critique of the prints and images put before him adding his own sense of humour on the night.

As always our monthly competition is split into "Prints" and "Digital Projected Images" with prints split into mono and colour. Club members compete in the "Print" section as "Novice / Intermediate" or "Advanced" photographers but compete together on an equal basis in the "Digital Projected Images" section.

To complicate matters somewhat, the "Open" print competition had two sub competitions running within it of best "Altered Reality" and best "Landscape".

Print Competition

In the Novice / Intermediate Mono, Lynette Ryan came first with a landscape image "Worth a Visit" while in the Novice / Intermediate Colour Michael Severn came first with "West Kirby Sunset", Lynette Ryan finished second and Michael Severn came third in the colour print competition. Sandy Pownall judged that the best of the two winning prints were "Worth a Visit". Well Done Lynette.

In the Advanced Mono, Paul Anderson came first with an oriental image "Mystical Bridge" with Rob Devenish coming second with "Kashmiri Goat" which was judged to be the best "Altered Reality" print. Anthony Clarke came third with "The Avenue, Manchester".

In the Advanced Colour, Noel George came first with a cityscape image "The Shard" with Paul Anderson coming second with "Gili Meno at Dawn". Rob Devenish came third with "The QE2 Visit to Liverpool" which was judged to be the best "Landscape" print. Congratulation Rob on winning both sub competitions.

Digital Projected Images Competition

The Digital Projected Images section is competed for by all members irrespective of their skill or experience and there were 52 images for Sandy Pownall to judge. The standard of photography was high but Sandy gave his top three positions to very different photographs.

The top digital image was "Lady in Waiting" by Paul Higgins. Paul has been a club member for less than a year so he can feel proud to have beaten many experienced club photographers with this cracking portrait.
1st "Lady in Waiting" by Paul Higgins
Second in the digital image competition was a coloured infrared image of Flaybrick Cemetery titled ""Umbrella of the Deceased" by George Evans
2nd "Umbrella of the Deceased" by George Evans
And third place in the digital competition went to "Ice Fractures" by Peter Larkin. An abstract of subtle tones of blue.
3rd "Ice Fractures" by Peter Larkin
Well done to all of our photographers who won awards, too many to mention here and commiserations to those who weren't successful this time. Success is fleeting and it will be your turn next month with a new judge.

Our next meeting is on Friday 16th October which is a "Members Night" where some of our members will be taking over to talk about their photography. You don't have to be a member to attend our meetings as you can attend as a non member paying only £2 on the door.

We meet every Friday at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish.

Thursday, 13 August 2015

End of Year Interclub Photo Travel Play-off

The End-of-Year Playoff for the Travel Division Inter-Club was judged on 12 August on the same day and using the same judges as the PSA Travel International. The judges were Peter McCloskey, FRPS, APAGB; Valerie Duncan, MPSA, ARPS, AFIAP, DPAGB, ABPE and Leo Rich, ARPS, EFIAP/g, DPAGB, APAGB, BPE3.

The overall winner and Travel Division Inter-Club Champion 2015 is North Sydney Leagues Photographic Society with 91 points followed in second place by Hoylake Photographic Society with 82 points. Delaware Photographic Society placed third with 80 followed by Grand Photos with 78.

The judges selected three individual awards - 1st place - Kerry Boytell (North Sydney Leagues Photographic Society) for "Novices Reading"; 2nd place - Diana Magor, MPSA (Hoylake Photographic Society) for "Corner of Forbidden City"; 3rd place - Rosslyn Duncan (North Sydney Leagues Photographic Society) for "Balloon over Bagan".

I would like to thank all clubs which participated in the 2014-2015 competitions and congratulate the overall winning club North Sydney Leagues Photographic Society. I look forward to receiving registrations for the 2015-2016 competitions - please see thw web site for details.


Congratulations to Diana Magor of Hoylake Photographic Society on her second place in the competition with "Corner of Forbidden City"

"Corner of Forbidden City" - Diana Magor

Friday, 31 July 2015

PID Individual Portrait Competition Results

While the HPS season is closed for the Summer months our participation in international competitions continues and our club members have had success in the PID Individual Portrait Competition. In Round 3 (July 2015) In Chantler was awarded Best Child with "Lost in Time" while Paul Anderson gained an HM with "Drying in the Sun" taken in Luang Namtha in Laos. Well done guys. Good to see that our club members can compete on the international stage.
Lost in Time by Ian Chantler

Drying in the Sun by Paul Anderson

Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Annual Print and Digital Competition Results

Hoylake Photographic Society's official season ended with the Annual Digital Projected Images Competition on Friday 17th April 2015 and the Annual Print Competition on Saturday 18th April 2015. The digital competition was judged by Phil Chadwick, AFIAP, DPAGB, BPE3* and after much deliberation Phil chose his top image from the winners of the six photographic categories in the competition. The top digital projected image of the year was this Winter landscape "Lairig Gru" by Margaret Sixsmith. Congratulations Margaret.
Best Digital Projected Image - Lairig Gru by Margaret Sixsmith
  The Annual Print Competition was judged by Mark Power, CPAGB, BPE3* and the results of both competitions are below. Congratulations to everyone who gained awards for their images and commiserations to those whose images didn't quite catch the judges eye.

As you can see the judges have done a remarkable job in looking at hundreds of images from our club members to arrive at their award winners and Hoylake Photographic Society would like to thank Phil Chadwick and Mark Power for their hard work.