Sunday, 22 February 2015

Bebington Salon

This Friday 27th February, Bob Dennis, CPAGB, APAGB, AFIAP, BPE4* of Bebington Photo Society will be presenting the best of the international entries into the Bebington Salon 2014. With our own Hoylake International Exhibition 2015 currently open to entries this is a timely reminder of the quality of photography to expect when the judging of the exhibition takes place this Spring.

A reminder also that Friday is the hand in for our monthly club competition, and the subject is "Pictorial". As the name implies, a pictorial image should be a picture rather than a straight representation of the subject. The portrayal of the effects of light and shade, and the atmosphere are more important than the subject itself. A pictorial image should never be purely factual and in this way it is different from an illustrative photo. The photographer should add something to the subject by the use of his / her imagination.

If you want to take a look at the best international photographs entered into the Bebington salon then you don't need to be a member of Hoylake Photographic Society. Visitors are always welcome at the club paying only £2 on the door.

We meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish.

Monday, 16 February 2015

Nature Competition Results

On Friday 13th February, Hoylake Photographic Society witnessed the judging of their monthly photo competition which was "Nature", judged by the experienced Ian Whiston DPAGB, BPE3*

Friday 13th was a horror night for some members as Ian set the bar very high with his judging of a large entry of "A4 Unmounted Prints" and "Digital Projected Images" but he also praised the quality of the images in the competition which perhaps explains the attention to detail that he expected in a top quality nature photograph. Ian's high standards were certainly reflected in his choice of award winners on the night.

Breaking from the usual format, this monthly competition was divided into an "A4 Unmounted Prints" section with all members competing on an equal basis regardless of skill and experience, and the "Digital Projected Images" section run along the same lines.

A4 Unmounted Prints

A4 unmounted prints are very popular with members and encourages a larger entry of prints than is the norm, therefore Ian had his work cut out when choosing his award winners. Hoylake Photographic Society have a number of specialist nature photographers and husband and wife team Margaret and John Sixsmith were very successful in their specialist subject. Margaret Sixsmith took 1st & Cup with "Angel Wings" while John Sixsmith came 2nd with "Caddis Fly". Margaret also took 3rd place with "Common Blues" with John gaining a very highly commended.

Digital Projected Images

There was also a large entry in the "Digital Projected Images" section and Gill Lewis took 1st and Shield with "Cardinal Fritillary" Unfortunately Gill wasn't present but she'll be absolutely delighted with her success. Again Margaret Sixsmith took 2nd and 3rd place with "Stag Roaring 3" and "Toad". John Sixsmith also gained a very highly commended.
1st & Shield - Cardinal Fritillary" - Gill Lewis
2nd - Stag Roaring - Margaret Sixsmith
3rd - Toad - Margaret Sixsmith
Congratulation to all of the award winners in both sections. There were too many to mention. Commiserations go to those members who failed to have their work recognised in a very high quality competition. The full list of award winners is below.
Nature is such a difficult subject to capture correctly and Ian Whiston's advice during his judging of the competition can only be of benefit to club members when the subject comes up again.

Timeshift - An Introduction to Time Lapse

I've often become so immersed in my photography that I've forgotten what time of day it is, and that experience could be handy when Steve Lewis ARPS gives the club his talk "Timeshift - An Introduction to Time Lapse Photography" on Friday 20th February.

Photography is such a diverse subject and there's always something new to learn and to try out for yourself so this subject will be of interest to any photographer.

Hoylake Photographic Society meets at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and I promise the lecture will finish at 10 pm and not the following day. You don't have to be a member of the club to enjoy Steve's talk as visitors are welcome to attend paying only £2 on the door.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Nature Competition

Following on from last week's members night; next up in our program of events on Friday 13th February is our monthly competition which is "Nature". Entries from club members were of A4 unmounted prints and digital projected images and they will be judged on the night by Ian Whiston DPAGB, BPE3*

This small print competition is usually very popular with our members and I'm expecting a large selection of images to view on the night. If you want to see the best nature photography that Hoylake members can produce then we meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby. The doors open at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish. Visitors are welcome paying only £2 on the door.