Monday, 13 April 2015

HPS Extended Season


HPS is extending its 'season' this year, until the end of May. There will be no lectures or presentations, but the aim is to concentrate, in-house, on practical photography and the program is listed below.

1 May
Setting up for International weekend
We need a lot of help, and to interest as many as possible, we aim to have a practice with some
members acting as judges, operating keyboards etc once setup.
We need as many helpers as possible both for Friday night setup and all over weekend.
Come along, enjoy, learn and help.

8 May

2/3 scanning tables setup so members can be shown and practice.
Need 2/3 people to bring scanning kit/laptops
We can scan a small number of people's slides/print images as part of practice.
(Bring pen drive to save own images on)

15 May
Macro evening

2/3 macro tables setup so members can be shown and practice.
Margaret and John Sixsmith will demonstrate
(Bring pen drive to save own images on)

22 May
Post Processing

Basics of PP eg 'why' use RAW and need processing rather than shoot JPG
and not need more processing.
Basics of Photoshop: from ingestion through processing to saving... And

29 May
Taking advantage of later evenings:

Bring camera along
First half: (outside) take 6 (different) JPG images
Second half: show and discuss images ... Any problems, exposure etc?
Does anyone have any issues with camera we can assist with?