Sunday, 10 May 2015

Practical Session - Scanning

A Blog post by Les Pickstock.

Friday 8th at Newton Village Hall saw the first of Hoylake Photographic Society's extended season 'practical' sessions - "Scanning".

We had 3 tables setup to scan both film and prints. We had previously asked anyone interested to bring some images along to be used in the practical. Whilst only two members brought slides, it gave us the opportunity to demonstrate and learn. No-one 'knows it all' and we had some interesting moments operating the scanner software. One thing members found surprising was how long it can take to digitise an image in high quality. It can take more than 10 minutes each! And you have more than 10,000 images to scan, like me! But overall a fun and practical night. We did not lock up until nearly 11-o'clock so it was obviously an absorbing subject.

I've produced some notes if anyone wants a copy (email me at However there are a number of people in the society able and willing to help you scan on their scanners, so contact me if you have a few precious family heirloom images you wish to digitise. Clearly it is not practical to purchase a scanner (and go through the learning curve) if you only have half a dozen images to capture. On the other hand, if you wish to digitise your hundreds/thousands of film images... you need to look at getting your own!

Next week is 'macro night' - I trust members will find this at least as absorbing. Les.