Saturday, 16 May 2015

Extended Season - Macro

Last night (Friday 15th) saw the second in HPS 'practical nights', as part of our extended season. Margaret and John gave an informal but very practical overview of macro working, mainly outside nature, but also an introduction to 'stacking' images to gain depth of field. Everyone picked up a few tips and had the opportunity to ask questions and play with equipment afterwards. Margaret and John, together with Diana and Brian brought a lot of equipment to illustrate the subject. Whilst specialist macro lenses, flashes etc can be quite expensive, Margaret also showed that lots of 'simple things' such as pegs, garden wire and garden plant fleece were extremely useful, as well as cheap. John showed a 'close-up lens' which can be used with other lenses to get extremely close, without the cost of a dedicated macro lens. And an extension tube, used with a 'standard' zoom lens was also effective and 'cheap'.

Next Friday we will demonstrate simple post-processing, mainly with Photoshop. We'll have (at least) three workstations setup, so many people will have the opportunity to see, play and have any queries answered. Please let us know if you have any specific computer processing issues (eg how to 're-size' images for comps) - email in advance and we'll ensure we cover the subject.

The final Friday - on 29th May - will be 'photographs' - everyone bring their camera and enjoy! Les.