Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cyclo Cross, Stadt Moers Country Park, Whiston

 Cyclo Cross Stadt Moers Country Park, Whiston 
By John Sixsmith, Barry Quatermass & Robert Devenish

Having had inspiration from Roger Evans’s “Talk Sports” lecture recently, we planned a trip to photograph a cycle cross event.

We did the research, checked the weather forecast and found the correct location (even with Barry)

The weather forecast was a cloudy morning with bright sunshine in the afternoon, ---- brilliant, as we were going in the afternoon.  We arrived around 11am to familiarise ourselves with the course & pick out some vantage points, (hopefully were riders were going to fall off) . As usual the weather forecast was incorrect, dark heavy clouds built up around 12 ; 30 just in time for the first event to start.  

During the afternoon, I think we all tried panning with varying degrees of success, its a technique that requires lots of practice.

The race began a little later than advertised and we had to resort to pushing up the ISO’s and using flash .  Later on in the afternoon the sun did eventually show, which caused another problem in that the low angle of the sun gave strong side lighting, ---- another job for the flash gun.

Even though the conditions were challenging, we thoroughly enjoyed our day out, and plan to try another in the near future — why not join us!!!

Sunday, 22 November 2015

Reflections of Blencathra Reviewed

Last Friday (the 20th November) Hoylake held a 'Reflections on Blencathra' review night, to show some images, especially to those who could not attend, and hold the fun competitions we did not get round to whilst up in the Lake District. There were 4 'mini-competitions':

Best Nature: won by Margaret Sixsmith
Best Landscape: won by Rob Devenish
Best Image with a Cheap Camera: Won by Barry Quatermass (just to add to the fun... taken BY George Evans, with Barry's phone!)
Gill Lewis got a 'chocolate spoon' as all the judges thought she'd used an expensive camera!
Best Starry Sky Group: won also by Rob Devenish

Hygrocybe Species by Margaret Sixsmith
Crummock Water by Rob Devenish
Sub 500 Camera by Barry Quatemass (George Evans)
Cheap Camera - Middle of the Falls by Gill Lewis
The Stars Are On Our Heads Stupid by Rob Devenish
The competitions were followed by presentations by Judith and Anthony which emphasised what a good, fun time we all had and how remarkably lucky we were with the weather. After the break we enjoyed looking at over 100 images taken by all attendees, demonstrating how good FSC Blencathra location and accommodation was as well as the wonderfully dramatic countryside within 20 miles of it.

All the club members who went thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and we look forward to next May's weekend in Yorkshire at FSC Malham.

If any of the photographs have inspired you to come along to Hoylake Photographic Society then our next meeting on Friday 27th November is the Inter Mersey Competition with John Doherty, APAGB ARPS. We meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby from 7.30 pm to 10 pm.

Friday, 13 November 2015

Man-made Competition Results

On Friday 6th November 2015 club members witnessed the judging of our latest monthly photographic competition which for November was "Man-made". The judging was done by our guest Steve Carr and the quality of entries was extremely high.

I'm unable to give you the full results from the Print and Digital Projected Images sections, but here are the top three digital images in the competition.
1st Place - Old Tool - for what? by Carol Tipping
2nd Place - Shepherds Crook Detail by Margaret Sixsmith
3rd Place -Tower Cranes by Paul Boardman
Congratulations to Carol Tipping on her return to club photography and a special mention for Marie Dempsey who gained two awards out her entry of three digital images. Marie is in her first season with the club.