Saturday, 28 November 2015

Cyclo Cross, Stadt Moers Country Park, Whiston

 Cyclo Cross Stadt Moers Country Park, Whiston 
By John Sixsmith, Barry Quatermass & Robert Devenish

Having had inspiration from Roger Evans’s “Talk Sports” lecture recently, we planned a trip to photograph a cycle cross event.

We did the research, checked the weather forecast and found the correct location (even with Barry)

The weather forecast was a cloudy morning with bright sunshine in the afternoon, ---- brilliant, as we were going in the afternoon.  We arrived around 11am to familiarise ourselves with the course & pick out some vantage points, (hopefully were riders were going to fall off) . As usual the weather forecast was incorrect, dark heavy clouds built up around 12 ; 30 just in time for the first event to start.  

During the afternoon, I think we all tried panning with varying degrees of success, its a technique that requires lots of practice.

The race began a little later than advertised and we had to resort to pushing up the ISO’s and using flash .  Later on in the afternoon the sun did eventually show, which caused another problem in that the low angle of the sun gave strong side lighting, ---- another job for the flash gun.

Even though the conditions were challenging, we thoroughly enjoyed our day out, and plan to try another in the near future — why not join us!!!