Saturday, 19 December 2015

Annual Audio Visual Competition

On Friday 18th December 2015, Hoylake Photographic Society hosted its annual "Audio / Visual Competition and Social Evening" with club members invited to enter their presentations of foreign trips or themes set to music and commentary and there were ten entries with photographs taken from as far afield as California, Hawaii, Myanmar and the North West of England.

Club President - Barry Quatermass
The evening started with club President - Barry Quatermass welcoming our members and explaining the concept of the evening and the scoring method which was done anonymously by those in attendance scoring between 1 - 5 after the screening of each video. The video with the combined highest score was the winner of the competition.
Brian Magor ready to roll
With the opening formalities out of the way, Brian Magor ran the videos while our club members were entertained with such titles as, California, Hawaii, Lime Kilns, Nature's Patterns, Simply Red, Spring Watch, Surfing USA, The 7p Yangon Myanmar Train Ride, Three Queens and Ugly Bug or Beautiful Bug?

With the viewing of the videos over and the individual scores made by our club members it was time to gather the scores together to find out the top three Audio / Visual presentations with Diana and Brian Magor doing the adjudication.

Diana and Brian Magor collating the members scores 
In the meantime the buffet was officially opened and it was time to eat, drink and talk photography during the half time break.

Mike Waring, Barbara Singleton, Gill Lewis and Brian Lewis
Ian Chantler and Les Pickstock deep in thought
With the scores in and the buffet table emptied it was time for our members to return to their chairs and receive the results of the Annual "Audio / Visual Competition"

In third place was "Simply Red", a beautifully put together video of photographs of the Red Arrows display team set to music by Ian Chantler. The subject is Ian's speciality and it showed.

Screen shot - Simply Red by Ian Chantler
In second place was "Lime Kilns", a thoughtful documentary combining photographs, graphics and music explaining the history or lime kilns in the North-West of England by Anthony Clarke. Anthony added his own commentary to the video and was last year's winner.

Screen shot - Lime Kilns by Anthony Clarke
And the winner of this years competition was "Ugly Bug or Beautiful Bug?" a video of quality macro photography of bugs including text as a commentary and set to the song "The Ugly Bugs Ball" by Diana Magor. Well done Diana.

Screen shot - Ugly Bug or Beautiful Bug? by Diana Magor
It was a fitting end to 2015 and with Christmas cards swapped and salutations exchanged the club is now closed for the holiday season with our next meeting on Friday 9th January when we'll be looking at photographs from the London Salon. May I wish you all a happy and peaceful Christmas and New Year on behalf of Hoylake Photographic Society.