Sunday, 6 December 2015

Nature Competition Results

On Friday 4th December, Ron Thomas ARPS judged our "Nature" competition. Ron is a local wildlife specialist and well qualified to judge the competition. The monthly competition comprises of "Print" and "Digital Projected Images" sections with the "Print" section split into "Novice / Intermediate" and "Advanced" sections. There is no "Mono" print category, only colour in this competition. The "Digital Projected Images" section is competed for by all members together regardless of their skill and experience.

Our club President Barry Quatermass commenting on the night wrote, "I would like to say that the entry last night was one of the strongest I can ever recall in a HPS Comp. There was not a single weak entry and Ron Thomas, the judge, was openly in awe of the work he had to comment upon. Even the Novice/Intermediate entry could easily have stood up against the Advanced section. Whilst the main prizes were, deservedly, awarded once again to the Sixsmiths, the fact that they got so few images into the final places gives a clue as to the standard of entry - Absolutely fantastic stuff.

Print Section

In the "Novice / Intermediate" colour print section there were four awards. Cynthia Sadler came first with "Amur Tiger", John Gardner came second with "Barbary Macaques", Phil Sadler came third with "Stag During Rutting Season" and Lynette Ryan gained a highly commended with "Summer Scent"

The "Advanced" print section saw a large entry of 35 prints with John Sixsmith taking first place with "Elephant Hawk Moth on Campion", Paul Anderson gained second place with "Proboscis Monkey", Margaret Sixsmith was third with "Glistening Ink Cap"

Digital Projected Images Section

This section is competed for by all members regardless of their skill and experience and again our "Novice / Intermediate" members were well amongst the awards. From an entry of 55 images, first place went to Margaret Sixsmith with "Emperor Dragonfly", Carol Tipping gained second place with "Black Tailed Godwits" and Paul Higgins was third with "Mischievous Mandril". Well done Paul.

1st "Emperor Dragonfly" by Margaret Sixsmith
2nd "Black Tailed Godwits" by Carol Tipping
3rd "Mischievous Mandril" by Paul Higgins
Congratulations to all members (too many to mention) who gained other awards and commiserations to those members who weren't successful this time. There's always the Annual Competition at the end of the season for a second bite of the cherry.

Our next meeting is on Friday 11th December when we'll be viewing the L&CPU Folio. You don't have to be a member to attend our meetings as non members are welcome paying £2 on the door. We meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish.