Sunday, 17 January 2016

PSA Projected Image Open Competition

Hoylake Photographic Society is a club member of the Photographic Society of America (PSA), and we take part in Inter Club competitions.  One of the competitions we enter is the Projected Image Open Competition. At the moment we are in the top group, Group A, competing against clubs from the USA, UK , Belgium and Canada  and below were the six images that we entered in January.  We are waiting for the results.  

Last week our club members judged the entries from Group B and the winning image was from Arnold Hubbard, a member of Sunderland Camera Club.  It is an image that many will recognise.

Highland Cottage by Arnold Hubbard of Sunderland Camera Club
Hoylake Photographic Society Entries

"Balinese Dancers" by Paul Anderson
"Dreaming of Days Gone By" by Marie Dempsey
"Ellie" by George Evans
"Mud Bath" by John Sixsmith
"Number 76" by Margaret Sixsmith
"My Best Friend" by Susan Lang
We look forward to getting the results from the latest round of competition.

People Competition Results

Last Friday 15th January 2016 saw the judging of Hoylake Photographic Society monthly competition with a subject of "People". The judging was carried out by experienced photographer John Hoogerwerf of Mold Photographic Society who ran his critical eye over the "A4 Unmounted Prints" and "Digital Projected Images" in this competition.

Guest Judge - Paul Hoogerwerf
When Paul Anderson embarked on his epic journey around the Far East last year he had a wonderful opportunity to capture the colour, culture and people of the region and his months away paid off with him getting first and trophy in the "A4 Print Competition" and gaining first and shield, and second place in the "Digital Projected Images" with people he encountered on his journey. Well done Paul.

1st and Trophy "A4 Print Competition" - "Flower Sellers" by Paul Anderson
Another club member who did well in the print section was Noel George. Noel is usually noted for and successful with his still life images but in this competition he showed that he can turn his hand to photographing people coming second and third in the print competition. His best effort was "Trombone Practice" a photograph of his granddaughter which is unavailable but we have the print which gained him third place "The Flying Scotsman"

3rd - A4 Print Competition - The Flying Scotsman by Noel George
The judging of the prints was carried out during the first half of the evening with the prints put on display for club members to view while they enjoyed their tea and biscuits.

"A4 Unmounted Prints" on display
The second half of the evening saw the judging of the "Digital Projected Images" and Paul Anderson came first with shield with "Floresian" and second with "Varanasi Offering". Margaret Sixsmith gained third place with "Number 76". Marie Dempsey gained a Highly Commended with her image "Dreaming of Days Gone By" but it somehow went missing on the night so we're showing you what we all missed here on the blog.

1st and Shield - "Floresian" by Paul Anderson

2nd - "Varanasi Offering" by Paul Anderson
3rd - "Number 76" by Margaret Sixsmith
Highly Commended - "Dreaming of Days Gone By" by Marie Dempsey
The full list of award winners are on the spreadsheet below and congratulations go to the other successful members, too many to mention, with commiserations going to those who were unsuccessful this time around. The evening ended with the Paul Hoogerwerf handing out the awards with Paul Anderson leading the way.

Paul Hoogerwerf, Barry Quatermass (President) and Paul Anderson

Our next meeting is on Friday 22nd January when we will be taking a look at the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union (L&CPU) Folio.

We meet every Friday at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish. You don't have to be a member to attend as non members are welcome paying only £2 on the door.

Tuesday, 12 January 2016

Member Profile: George Evans

I took up photography by accident in 2004 selling my golf clubs due to osteoarthritis and buying a Sony bridge camera to take with me on long walks for exercise. It was the digital age and the Sony F717 with its electronic viewfinder enabled me to instantly see the results of changes made to the camera settings in the viewfinder before I clicked the shutter. This allowed me to learn from my mistakes, understand the basic principles of photography and to learn quickly. I am a self taught photographer.

The Sony F717 also introduced me to the world of infrared photography, as I learned from internet forums that you could utilise its "Nightshot" mode with the stacking of an NDx4 and R72 infrared filter and take infrared photographs hand held at the camera flash speed of 1/60th second.

Looe Harbour - Sony F717 Infrared 
I eventually found the zoom range and the features of the Sony F717 limiting and upgraded to the Minolta 5D DSLR being attracted to the camera's in body image stabilisation and I bought a range of lenses including the Tamron 90mm f2.8 macro lens which enabled me to pursue my other interest in flower photography.

Borage and Bee
Photography can be a lonely hobby especially when no-one in your family shares your interest, so I joined Hoylake Photographic Society in around 2008 because I wanted to know how far my photography had progressed compared to other photographers and I found the feedback from judges in the monthly competitions and the advice of the guest speakers very useful.

On thing that I've learnt from the guest speakers is not to try and copy any one photographer but to find your own style. To be different I've tried to do that by developing my love of infrared and by using a fisheye lens in my photography. I enjoy the post processing side of photography and believe that you have to make a photograph not simply take one. I'm a great fan of the Topaz and Nik Photoshop plugin filters and they play a big part in determining my individual style of image.

My photographic gear developed from the Minolta A mount to the Sony A mount cameras. My main camera after the Sony A700 was the Sony A77 with an electronic viewfinder taking me back to my roots and in 2010 I had a Sony A200 DSLR permanently converted to the 720nm wavelength of infrared to get me back into infrared photography.

Flaybrick Cemetery at Dusk - Sony A200 Infrared
The 720nm wavelength of infrared is just on the edge of the colour spectrum and captures faint amounts of colour in the red and blue channels which can be channel swapped to produce blue skies or discarded to produce mono images.

Secret Door of Ness - Coloured Sony A200 Infrared
I'm always striving to try something different and high dynamic range (HDR) photography is another technique that I like to use when appropriate and I've had some success by winning the Williamson Open 2014 with a landscape " Daybreak on Llyn Dinas"

Daybreak on Llyn Dinas - Williamson Open 2014 Winner
I don't know whether club photography is to blame for my not specialising in one type of photography be it Wedding, Landscapes or Portraits or whether club photography was the natural home of some-one who likes to shoot what he sees. I'm not a prolific photographer only using my equipment when the mood and the inspiration surfaces.

Yesteryear's Parlour - Sony A77 and Fisheye lens
Technology is always evolving and I've made a recent switch from Sony A mount to E mount buying the Sony A7mk2 full frame mirrorless camera and I've had a Sony A6000 permanently converted to the 590nm "Goldie" wavelength of infrared. This wavelength of infrared is further towards the colour spectrum capturing stronger colour in the red and blue channels mixed with infrared light which allows for more creative post processing.

Umbrella of the Deceased - Sony A6000 Infrared.
Welsh Landscape - Sony A6000 Infrared
For three years I've been a volunteer photographer for the "Wirral Festival of Firsts" arts festival which has given me the opportunity to shoot live performances and I'm the administrator of the Hoylake Photographic Society blog.

Chris Tarrant - Wirral Festival of Firsts
You never stop learning and the more you shoot the better you get. My aim is to develop and perfect the 590nm wavelength of infrared and to try and improve my general photography in camera and in post processing. To view my portfolio of photography in colour, mono and infrared visit my George W Evans Photography website.