Sunday, 13 March 2016

Illustrative Competition Results

On Friday 11th March our guest Darrell Oakden DPAGB, BPE3* judged the last of our monthly competitions for this season which was "Illustrative" This competition has the widest subject matter for club members to draw from and Darrell explained what his interpretation of "Illustrative" was and what he was looking for in a good photograph before he got down to the business of judging the members entries.

Anthony Clarke and Judge Darrel Oakden
President Barry Quatermass
As usual our monthly competition was split into "Print" and "Digital Projected Images" sections with the "Print" section split into "Novice / Intermediate" mono print and colour print, and "Advanced" mono print and colour print sub sections. In the "Digital Projected Images" section all members compete against each other regardless of their skills and experience.

Print Section

In the "Novice / Intermediate" section Lynette Ryan did well again taking 1st and Cup and 2nd places in the Monochrome Print and 1st place in the Colour Print competition with John Gardner coming 2nd in the Colour Print.

In the "Advanced" section Noel George came 1st and Cup while Anthony Clarke came 2nd with Paul Anderson gaining 3rd place in the Monochrome Print section. In the Colour Print competition the places were reversed with Paul Anderson gaining 1st place, Anthony Clarke coming 2nd with Noel George 3rd.

The judging of the print section is the signal for the half time tea and biscuits break and an opportunity for members to see the competition entries displayed.

1st and Cup Novice / Intermediate Monochrome Print - Dereliction by Lynette Ryan
1st Novice / Intermediate Colour Print - The Winner No1 by Lynette Ryan
1st Advanced Monochrome Print - Memories by Noel George
1st Advanced Colour Print - Village Children by Paul Anderson
Digital Projected Images

In the "Digital Projected Images" section all members compete together regardless of their skill and experience and on this occasion Paul Anderson did well again taking 1st place with husband and wife team Brian and Diana Magor coming 2nd and 3rd.

1st Digital Projected Images - Drying the Rice by Paul Anderson

Darrell Oakden ended the evening with the handing out of trophies and awards aided by club President Barry Quatermass. Well done everyone.

Lynette Ryan
John Gardner
Paul Anderson and President Barry Quatermass
Noel George
Brian Magor
Anthony Clarke
Marie Dempsey
Paul Higgins
Ron Cooper
As usual the personal view of the judge on the day saw disappointment for many and triumph for a few but our next competition is the Annual Competition which gives our members the chance to have their seasons photographs judged by a new set of eyes and it often brings up a few surprises. The hand in for the Annual Competition is on 1st April so don't be foolish and miss it. Groan.

Next up in our program is something that I can relate to "Why Don't People Like My Pictures" by Tony Potter, ARPS, EFIAPp, GMPSA, APAGB on Friday 18th March. Surely we all have something to learn from Tony don't don't miss out.

We meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish. You don't have to be a member to attend as non members are welcome paying only £2 on the door.