Saturday, 30 April 2016


The Hoylake Photographic Society club season formally ended on Friday 29th April with our AGM and Annual Competition awards presentation. With Les Pickstock standing in for club President Barry Quatermass, the evening started off with the presentation of certificates and trophies to those members whose photography caught the judges eye in the Digital Projected Images and Print competitions and there was an "Oscars" feel to the night as so many club members were away on holiday. "So and so has won this award but unfortunately they aren't here to collect it themselves, but they send us this message" Of those who were able to attend, Paul Anderson collected his three trophies, Lynette Ryan collected two, and half of the hall walked away with either a trophy or a certificate of awards.

After a break for tea and biscuits it was time for the serious business of the AGM and outgoing Treasurer Neil Carver gave us a glowing report of the club accounts. There was no hint of the accounts winning a trophy in the "Creative" category. Suffice to say that the Hoylake International Exhibition is securing the club's financial future, is helping to keep our membership fees down and buy new equipment and thanks must go to Brian Magor for all of his hard work in running the competition. Thanks must also go to Neil Carver for his years of work as our club Treasurer and he's now passed the baton on to Marie Louise Dempsey who joins the Committee.

There was discussion of a proposal by George Evans asking Novice / Intermediate members whether they wanted to end the splitting of the monthly print competition into Novice / Intermediate and Advanced sub sections and alternatively whether to split the digital competition into Novice / Intermediate and Advanced sub sections instead. His proposal is due to the low number of print entries in the Novice / Intermediate print competitions for judging and the enormous success that Novice / Intermediate members have had against the Advanced members this season in the Digital Projected Images monthly and Annual competitions.

George stressed that this was a decision for Novice / Intermediate members to take and after a long discussion it was decided that there were too few of those members in attendance to take such a decision so a ballot of Novice / Intermediate members will be sought via e-mail with the result discussed by the committee.

The next big occasion on the horizon is the judging of the Hoylake International Exhibition 2016 on the weekend of 7/8th May. This takes a lot of organising and the help of members is needed even if it's only for a few hours. We have judges coming in from China and the USA so take the opportunity to see the live judging of 8,000 terrific photographs from across the World. I guarantee that you'll be surprised and shocked at which images get high scores and those that burn. Will you agree or disagree with the judges?

Although the AGM is the end of our official program, our season continues unofficially for another few weeks as we plan to organise some days, half days and evenings of photography together during the Summer months until the new season starts again in September.

During the close season don't forget to visit the Hoylake Photographic Society website and Facebook page as well as the blog for the latest club news.

I'll leave you with some photographs of our members collecting their awards and trophies from the AGM. Poor Les must have gone home with a permanent grin on his face. Photographs by George Evans and his impressive Sony A7 mk2 camera.

Les Pickstock

Paul Anderson
Lynette Ryan
Noel George
Brian Magor
Diana Magor
John Gardner
George Evans
Anthony Clarke
Pete Larkin
Ian Chantler
Phil Sadler
Cynthia Sadler
And finally Les Pickstock