Sunday, 10 April 2016

Members Night - Match Battle

This Friday 15th April we have a members night which on this occasion is a match battle. A match battle is the equivalent of the card game "Hearts" but played with photographs. Intrigued?

Two teams of club members will go to battle with a selection of 40 images each supplied by their own team. One team will lead with an image and the other team has to match it as closely as possible to gain the points. Lead with an image of a bird and if the other team also has a bird then that's a clear match, but if you happen to have a photograph of a feather duster then you need to "persuade" the judge that a match is possible through "gentle persuasion" or abuse. A further point is awarded by the judge for the best photograph in that round. With twenty rounds to play in turn during the evening there is usually plenty of mayhem and fun. I pity the judge on the night.

If you want to take part in the fun then we meet at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30 pm for a 7.45 pm start and a 10 pm finish. You don't have to be a member to attend as non members are welcome paying only £2 on the door.

If you can't make the evening and wish to keep up with our activities then please visit the Hoylake Photographic Society website or our Facebook page. Both are updated regularly.