Thursday, 16 June 2016

Lifepixel Infrared: Featured Photographer - George Evans

Most club members will be aware of George Evans passion for infrared photography and his passion has now been recognised in the United States of America by Lifepixel Infrared Camera Conversions who have made him a featured photographer.

Lifepixel are the largest infrared specialist company in the USA and their services are used by customers from around the World. Their extensive website is extremely informative for anyone with an interest in infrared photography, infrared camera conversions and the galleries are inspirational with examples of infrared shot as photography, video, time lapse and stop motion as well as ultraviolet and forensic work.

The photographic galleries are particularly inspirational with beautiful work in all infrared wavelengths produced by a small selection of photographers now including George's images. George is the only photographer representing the United Kingdom so he's especially proud of the fact that his images of the Wirral Peninsula and the North West will be viewed by visitors to the Lifepixel website from across the USA and beyond.

George's work shows that there are no boundaries with infrared with images of landscapes, architecture, interiors, portraits, street photography and his gallery includes his latest image taken on the club trip to Malham Tarn.
Winskill Stone, North Yorkshire
Infrared is a "Marmite" topic with some photographers and it often fools the judges of our club competitions who are confused by what's put in front of them. Regardless, infrared photography is a beautiful form of fine art photography when used with the right subject.

Take the time to view George's gallery at Lifepixel and the beautiful work of the other featured photographers at Lifepixel. George will be giving a short talk on infrared on a members night during the 2016/17 club season but you can view all of his infrared photography on his website at

Friday, 10 June 2016

PSA Photo Travel Competition Results

Although the club has closed down for the Summer recess, our involvement with the Photographic Society of America (PSA) inter club competition goes on and we have the results of the final round of the Photo Travel competition.

Last season we came second with good individual marks for members but this year has been a bit of a disaster with the final round position of 17th out of 17. This means that after the final round we finished overall 14th out of 15 clubs.

Perhaps we'll do better next year. I'll leave you with the members images that represented the club in the final round of the competition.
Classic Dubrovnik by Les Pickstock
Going to Market by Cynthia Sadler
Sewing in Bangkok by Rob Devenish
Sai Kung Waterfront by Brian Magor
Varanasi on the Ganges by Paul Anderson
Speke Hall England by Diana Magor