Monday, 7 November 2016

Timelapse Workshop

Following Stephen Lewis' great night at the club a month ago demonstrating his 'time lapse' techniques, he agreed to hold a workshop for any members to practice the techniques he demonstrated on the night.

Eight intrepid members braved the cold, wind and rain at Red Rocks to give it a go. Whilst desiring a lovely sunset to capture, the sky remained cloudy throughout. Nevertheless we had a great time, ably assisted by Steve and (hopefully) everyone managed at least one sequence capture.

Steve had arrived early, and done a trial timelapse on his iPhone; suggesting an interval of 3-5 secs was appropriate for the lighting, and cloud movements.

We dispersed to different parts of Red Rocks to 'give it a go'. After about one and a half hours, with everyone completing at least one set of captures, we packed up (with most going to the pub...).

At the end Steve also pointed out a 'quick and easy' way to turn the (hundreds of) images into a video sequence:

  • load into lightroom
  • adjust the first image until you a satisfied with it
  • select all the images of the sequence (ensuring the first adjusted image IS the first one in the selection)
  • 'synchronise' the image settings (right click on first selected image, choose Develop Settings from the ensuent menu, then Synchronise Settings)
  • in the large 'tick box' that appears tick the items you want synch'd to al the images from the first one
    eg 'White Balance', 'Tone', 'Clarity', 'Sharpening' etc - ie all the things you did to the first image.
    Don't forget to UNTICK any adjustments you do NOT want copied over.
  • after a few minutes all the images should have the same appearance
  • with all the images in the sequence still selected
    go to the SlideShow module (top right)
    then ENSURE towards the bottom left you only have SELECTED PHOTOS chosen for the 'slideshow' (or LR may use ALL the images in your LR library)
    then click 'Export Video', choose where to save it to, and the video preset you wish from the drop-down list.
  • VOILA... after a few minutes you will have a video 'sequence' of all your time-lapse images.

Many members may not be aware that Stephen is a club member. Another great talent for our society, and another member able and willing to share his skills and experience with us all. Many thanks to him.