Sunday, 4 December 2016

Man Made Competition Results

Last Friday 2nd December saw the judging of our "Man Made Competition" by our guest judge Nick Berentzen CPAGB, BPE1. Nick was meticulous with his critique of the print and digital entries explaining what he liked in the images and how they could have been improved. The competition was split into print and digital projected images sections with the prints split into colour and mono images.

All members competed on an equal basis with the bulk of the awards going to our most experienced photographers on this occasion, with Lynette Ryan and new member Sue Lang bucking the trend. The 26 awards given by Nick were shared amongst 11 members out of a membership of some 50.

Print Section

In the "Colour Print" sub section Noel George did well in a strong field of entries coming 1st with Paul Anderson 2nd and Ian Chantler coming 3rd. Paul Anderson did better in the "Mono Print" sub section by coming 1st with Lynette Ryan taking 2nd place and Ian Chantler 3rd.

Colour Print 1st - "Glass Membrane Roof, Sony Centre, Berlin" by Noel George

Colour Print 2nd - "QM2" by Paul Anderson

Colour Print 3rd - "Liverpool Central Library Interior View" by Ian Chantler
Mono Print 1st - " Place de Espana" by Paul Anderson

Mono Print 2nd - "Cathedral View" by Lynette Ryan

Mono Print 3rd - Spiral Staircase by Ian Chantler
Digital Projected Images

In the "Digital Projected Images" section Pete Larkin took 1st place with Paul Anderson again coming 2nd and Barry Quatermass gaining 3rd. With Ian Chantler getting a VHC the remaining awards went to members who didn't figure in the print awards including Sue Lang, a new member with two commends. Well done Sue.

Digital Projected Images 1st - "Man Made Man" by Pete Larkin

Digital Projected Images 2nd - "Serenity" by Paul Anderson

Digital Projected Images 3rd - "Biplanes and Turbines" by Barry Quatermass

 Congratulations to those who gained awards and commiserations to everyone who failed to impress the judge on this occasion. There's always the annual competition in April 2017 for a second bite of the cherry with a different judge.

Our next meeting is on Friday 9th December which is a "Members Night" when members will be entertaining us with their own images. The LCPU folio will be on display and it is also the hand-in for the Christmas A/V competition. The meeting takes place at Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby with the doors opening at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start and a 10pm finish. Visitors are welcome paying £2 on the door.

If you can't make the meeting then catch up with our program of events and talks through the Hoylake Photographic Society website or our Facebook page.