Monday, 19 February 2018

Nature Competition Results

Friday 16th February saw the judging of the "Nature" competition with guest judge Sheila Giles DPAGB running a critical eye over the members entries into the print and digital projected images. Sheila is a nature specialist and with a large entry of 50 prints and 40 digital images to sift through to get to her awarded images she warned that she would be critical as the standard of images was so high.

I'm sure that some members in the biggest turnout of this season may have been disappointed with her critique of their images but everyone will have gone away with a better understanding of how to present a nature image. Opinion is subjective and two judges would have awarded different images but Sheila's recurring critique was of many images lacking feather detail, the subject being too big in the frame, not seeing the nature subject in it's surroundings and not seeing the whole subject. For the many whose images didn't make the awards there is a second chance of success in the "Annual" competition with a different judge and Sheila's critique will give members something to consider before entering the annual competition. Regardless, Sheila's awarded images in the print and digital sections were excellent as you will see below.

For this competition there was a "Print" section (combining colour and monochrome prints) and a "Digital Projected Images" section with all members competing on an equal basis regardless of skill and experience. "Nature" is a difficult subject to master for our less experienced members and the results in both sections were dominated by a handful of our "Nature" specialists.

Print Section

In the Print section Steve Lewis, who is our timelapse specialist excelled by taking 1st place with Margaret Sixsmith coming 2nd and Lyn Rostron 3rd.

Print 1st - Triumvirate Yellowstone Wolves by Steve Lewis

Print 2nd- "Mountain Hare Stretching" by Margaret Sixsmith

Print 3rd - "European Brown Bear Pirttivaara Finland" by Lyn Rostron

Digital Projected Images Section

In the Digital Projected Images section, nature specialist Margaret Sixsmith followed up on her success in the Print section by taking 1st and 2nd places with Peter Lovatt coming 3rd.

Digital Projected Images 1st - "Red Squirrel" by Margaret Sixsmith

Digital Projected Images 2nd - "Young Grey Seal" by Margaret Sixsmith

Digital Projected Images 3rd - "Cap Cloud over Tryfan Just After Sunrise" by Peter Lovatt

With the judging completed it was left for our club President Anthony Clarke to sum up the evening and thank Sheila Giles for her efforts before handing out the awards to those in attendance.

Club President - Anthony Clarke

Sheila Giles with Print Winner Steve Lewis

Sheila Giles with Digital Winner Margaret Sixsmith

Sheila Giles with Rob Devenish

Sheila Giles with Peter Lovatt

Sheila Giles with Brian Magor

Sheila Giles with Diana Magor

Sheila Giles with Les Pickstock

Sheila Giles with Lyn Rostron

Sheila Giles with Lynette Ryan

Sheila Giles with Cynthia Sadler

Sheila Giles with Phil Sadler

Sheila Giles with John Sixsmith

Our next meeting on Friday 23rd February is a "Members Night" and Peter Lovatt will be talking during the first part of the evening about how he has become a winner in magazine competitions and how to make money from your photography.

The doors of Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane West Kirby will open at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start and a 10pm finish. You can view our remaining program of talks and events on the Hoylake Photographic Society website or catch up on the Facebook page.

Wednesday, 7 February 2018

7th Hoylake International Exhibition 2018

Hoylake Photographic Society on the Wirral Peninsula are proud of their very own international photographic competition. Now in its seventh year, the "7th Hoylake International Exhibition 2018" is now open to entries from the Wirral to Wellington in New Zealand and beyond.

Past exhibitions have attracted thousands of top class images from hundreds of photographers across five continents. Run under the auspices of the Photographic Society of America (PSA) and backed by the FIAP and GPU the competition accepts entries in six categories.

  • Colour Open - recognised by the Projected Image Division of the PSA for the Colour Star Path 
  • Monochrome Open - recognised by the Projected Image Division of the PSA for the Monochrome Star Path
  • Landscape - Colour or Mono - recognised by the Projected Image Division of the PSA for the Colour Star Path
  • Nature - Colour or Greyscale Monochrome -recognised by the Nature Division of the PSA
  • Photojournalism - Colour or Greyscale Monochrome – recognised by the PJ division of the PSA
  • Photo Travel - Theme - Architecture and Structures - Colour or Greyscale Monochrome – recognised by the PT division of the PSA.
Closing date: 9th May 2018
Judging: 19/20th May 2018
Notification: 1st June via e-mail only

£7.00 for one section, £11 for two sections, £15 for three, four, five or six sections.

To view the entry criteria and to enter please visit the competition page on the Hoylake Photographic Society website