Sunday, 6 May 2018

Club AGM and Energy Challenge

The club season will soon be closing and the AGM is an important end of season function of the club. Not only is it the mechanism for dealing with the formal business of the club such as electing the committee members but the evening hosts the awarding of the trophies and awards to members who have competed in the Annual Print and DPI competitions. 

Diana Magor, President Anthony Clarke, Marie Higgins

The evening started with a welcome from our club President Anthony Clarke who gave his annual report to the members. The club formalities continued with reports from Diana Magor and our Treasurer Marie Higgins. 

Treasurer Marie Higgins

Once the formal business was completed, Anthony Clarke awarded the trophies and awards gained in the Annual Print and DPI competitions to those members who were in attendance. With the "annuals" being a re-run of the six monthly competitions judged by Adrian and Jane Lines the previous week, there were a lot of awards going to members with some very successful competitors. Some members received numerous trophies with others gaining numerous certificated awards. All in all there was a good spread of success. Below are the successful club members with President Anthony Clarke.

Ian Chantler

Lyn Rostron

Margaret Sixsmith

Carol Tipping

Barry Quatermass

Peter Larkin

Ron Cooper

Steve Lewis

Diana Baddeley

John Gardner

Jonathan Heyes

Peter Lovatt

Diana Magor

Lynette Ryan

Cynthia Sadler

Phil Sadler

Michael Severn

Mike Waring

Peter Watson

And finally Anthony Clarke presented his own award to himself. 

Anthony Clarke

Although the AGM is a sign that the club season is coming to a close, the season is not yet over. Next Friday 11th May, Barry Quatermass is hosting a club members night. Barry's challenge to members is to provide images on the theme of "Energy". It's a fun challenge to see what our members to spot and record and Barry will be going through the entries on the night. 

The doors of Newton Village Hall, Grange Cross Lane, West Kirby will be opening as usual at 7.30pm for a 7.45pm start and a 10pm finish.